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Professional development

Responding to training priorities arising from operational demand and personnel development.

Identifying comprehensive and progressive training strategies for both new and more experienced staff.

Offering customised training solutions.

Promoting the latest strategies, approaches and cutting-edge techniques.

Developing imaginative and flexible programmes setting benchmarks in standards and expertise.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most up-to-date training available. Proper maintenance and training have been proven to be two factors which can guarantee a higher return. We at CTS can assist you in both areas. We provide our customers with on-site training which can be scheduled at your convenience. In addition, we are able to provide assistance with your maintenance/training plan to insure you get the kind of training you need.

Our People

Our training staff consists of individuals with a sound experience in process control, gas turbine engine maintenance, SpeedTronic and Management Training. All of our instructors come from reputed companies such as GE Power Systems, Kvaerner Energy (UK), British Petroleum and Shell Oil.